The Creative Process Is An Amazing Thing

The creative process is an amazing thing. When a client I love asked me to photograph the kitchen appliances that he manufactures, I was intrigued. If only to have the opportunity to earn a living doing what I love most.

The stainless steel appliances were challenging to photograph. They are like dull mirrors, they reflect everything around them. I wanted to deliver an excellent product so I kept my eyes on the light and especially the stainless steel. In the end, my client’s team was happy. I felt great to have learned so much and met their marketing needs. I will not minimize my gratitude for the paycheck I received either.

Here’s where the ‘amazing’ takes place. I had recently photographed a guy who works out at my gym. He had recently been divorced and seemed to be channeling his energy by transforming himself with physical exercise. I watched as he slowly and methodically lost 40 pounds of fat. His muscles became visible and he had a new sparkle in his eyes. I offered to photograph him as a sort of reward and also because I was inspired by him. I brought my grey background to the gym and we took a bunch of straight forward images of him standing there. He was a little uncomfortable when I asked him to wrap a large metal chain around himself. To me, the chain represented his struggle for freedom and joy. He showed a bit of discomfort at first, but by the end of the shoot he loved being in front of my camera. As you will see…heehee : )

I was so busy over the holidays that I hardly looked at the photos. Then I had the stainless steel appliance shoot. When I finally looked at his images, I was a bit disappointed. Just didn’t feel the strength, courage and determination I felt when I watched him in person. One morning after doing the post production of the stainless steel appliances, I sat with his images and viola! These are the final photographs of ‘my guy from the gym’…..I just love how the creative process works! I just love how these images evolved. Click thru to see the rest.

ESCARDA-0596_FESCARDA-0564  ESCARDA-0605-8x10  ESCARDA-0662 ESCARDA-0544-Edit ESCARDA-0579 ESCARDA-0554 ESCARDA-0512-Edit-EditESCARDA-0676-Edit